Orchard Produce

As you take a romp around Portrush restaurants in Northern Ireland, you just can’t help but feel, smell and taste the authentic orchard content of this town. No doubt, many of the fruits and nuts served in these restaurants come from orchards on Irish hills and valleys. The orchard is hands-down simply the best there is when it comes to fresh produce.

Why Orchard Produce Is All Over Buffet Dinner Tables

It’s reminiscent of the good old days when enamored couples looked at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Many orchards have been around for centuries, cultivating fruits, nuts and other products that sooner or later find their way on ceramic plates. This practice is a testament to the timeless value of the special plantation concept that to this day continues to draw crowds from all over Europe and beyond.

To complete the dining experience, tourists and locals alike commonly troop to the actual food source in order to savor the fresh air and countryside atmosphere. And who wouldn’t? Life is too precious to spend on nothing but the hustle and bustle of city living.

So lucky are those who are employed in the orchards. Many of these workers have worked here all their lives and their relatives before them. Aside from working in such a healthy environment, many orchard owners have a symbiotic relationship with their workforce.

How Local Orchards Evoke that Old Countryside Feeling

That family feeling echoes through generations of caring for the land that knows how to return the favor by remaining arable and productive year after year. Old-time orchard owners also tend to resort to old school land cultivation processes with a few exceptions. Manure and other original techniques of boosting soil quality also tend to be the norm rather than the rule. In other words, the town of Portrush is just as conservative as the rest of British society where old cars are more valued than the latest sports automobiles.

Tourists on a honeymoon especially fancy Dunluce Castle, a majestic sight atop a green-covered hill. Down below, these people can lose themselves easily to the lush greenery of nearby orchards and vineyards that compete for attention. And with the global trend for eco-friendly resource utilization, bars and bistros alike in this old town would rather source as much as possible their vegetables, fruits, and other home-grown delicacies from the local countryside.

Sights and Sounds that Are a Balm to the Soul

United Kingdom’s Northern Ireland is so blessed to have a small seaside town in County Antrim. Here, tradition enables all the surrounding greenery to thrive. It’s the perfect holiday spot for young and old people to get away from the frenetic pace of city living. The Royal Portrush Golf Club welcomes golf aficionados while Barry’s Amusements provide ample glimpses of the blue skies while mounting a breathtaking roller coaster ride.

And for those who just can’t resist the beach, Portstewart Strand nearby beckons. It also helps a lot that the town sits right next to the County Londonderry border. For a town of just over 7,000 people, time seems to stand still. The visitors’ frayed nerves are healed and from their mouths come desperate prayers that all the greenery and serenity about town will linger just a little while longer.